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Enjoy Little Cayman Diving at its Best!


Spring 1999

Dear Fellow Divers and Visitors,
Welcome to Paradise Divers Online Newsletter!

This Cayman-o-War Inaugural Issue focuses on the many changes that have affected our dive operation and our resort in the last year.
While buying a new boat, increasing the number of dive staff, adopting a new and aggressive marketing strategy and reinforcing our presence on the World Wide Web, we have constantly aimed at further developing our product while protecting the assets that already make us an attractive, "non-cattle boat" operation. Your responses were heard, since you voted us Best Overall Value Resort Worldwide in Rodale's 1999 Reader's Choice Awards.

All of us at Paradise Divers would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and appreciation. We will always do our best to make your dive vacation a success and we hope to see you on Little Cayman soon!

Paradise Divers Acquires New Custom Built 43 ft Pontoon Boat

Around Christmas '98, our new boat was shipped from Florida and launched a week later. We named her Havana Daydreaming in reference to a Jimmy Buffet song, in an attempt to avoid the all too common "Reef This" or "Reef That". Our boat is radically different from the typical dive boats and so are we. We believe in the convenience of the shortest possible boat rides, and the stability of a flat bottom boat. Since most of the attractive dive sites in Little Cayman are located on the north side of the island, opposite to the shore on which the resorts are built, we opted for a short truck ride to the north, where the boat simply beaches and picks up the divers, to then head out to the dive sites which are all within 10 minutes.

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Rodale's 1999 Reader's Choice Awards
Rodale's Scuba Diving

Each year, the magazine Rodale's Scuba Diving compiles votes and ranking received from their readers about dive resorts and operators worldwide. The results are issued in a special edition, with awards saluting the top positions. These awards directly reflect the divers opinion and do not involve the marketing or financial power of an operation. We are therefore very proud to have been recognized twice, ranking first as Best Dive Resort Value Worldwide  and ninth as Best Dive Resort Worldwide.

Send us your comments

If you have already paid us a visit in the Cayman Islands, why not write to us to give us your comments and feed back? It could be a short paragraph about Paradise Divers, your own description of a dive site that you particularly enjoyed, a few of your best island or underwater pictures, or even suggestions concerning our operation or this web site.
We will save the most colorful and original ones in preparation for our next issue of the Cayman-O-War, and you might have the surprise to find yours there. Don't forget to tell us your name and the dates of your stay with us. And thanks in advance!

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Happy surfing!


The staff at Paradise Divers     

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