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Enjoy Little Cayman Diving at its Best!

New Millennium

Dear visitors and fellow divers,
Welcome to the year 2000!

Take two!

Yes, we did it again! Paradise Divers ranked very high in Rodale's 2000 Reader's Choice Awards (read our spring '99 article) . We are proud, touched, and grateful (and a tiny bit obnoxious about it) to accept a spot in the Gold List as Top Dive Operator Staff and a quasi-evil Second Place as Best Dive Operator. By the way, we'd like to thank our public, our families, the sponsors, all of you the divers, the old monk and La Niña® (registered meteorological phenomena.)

Without you, though, we wouldn't be where we are today (sigh). So come and see us soon, the waters of Little Cayman are waiting for you and the team is in top shape to conquer the new millennium!

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Did you know that...

Diving in Little Cayman with Paradise Divers

This web site has been thoroughly tested for total year 2000 compliance and the data sent to our research center. The results should be known around... June 2001.


The staff at Paradise Divers     

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