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Enjoy Little Cayman Diving at its Best!

Autumn 2000 undergoes plastic surgery

After a little over a year online, was due for a face lift. If the contents haven't changed that much, the container certainly has, and we hope you'll enjoy the new feel and look. Whether you are a regular, or on your first visit, please don't hesitate to send us an email with your comments and suggestions. After all, the reason for our presence here on the web is to make you, the surfer, happy by providing you with the best and latest information available through user friendly pages. For this reason, we cherish your input. 

What in the World is a "Cayman-O-War" anyway?

It might be justified to explain the name of our newsletter to our readers. Most of you must have heard about a jellyfish commonly called Portuguese Man-O-War, that inspirers great respect because the sting is memorable, to say the least... The Man-O-War has a bluish bag of air that floats and which it uses as a sail to move around with the wind, since it does not have the ability to move by itself, as opposed to most other jellyfish. The Man-O-War tentacles extend up to thirty feet down and are nearly invisible. The animal is actually a colony of thousands of individual animals, making it a cousin of some fire corals rather than typical jellyfish. 

The good news is that this charming creature doesn't appreciate our waters and would rather spend vacations on the Florida beaches, for example. Oh well, somebody's got to get it...

From Man-O-War to Cayman-O-War, there was only a short silly step, especially since the local pronunciation of Cayman is actually perfect for us: Cayman is pronounced Cay-Man, as in Man-O-War.. See?

The staff at Paradise Divers     

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