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Enjoy Little Cayman Diving at its Best!

Spring 2001

What we believe in and what we fight for

After publishing this online newsletter for 2 years, we decided it was time for us to express our opinions and explain our policies regarding sport diving.

Paradise Divers is one of 6 dive operations on the island of Little Cayman. All of us are members of SITA, the Sister Island Tourism Association, representing the tourism businesses of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. SITA promotes diving, but it does not establish guidelines or set rules concerning our activity. This responsibility belongs to the Grand Cayman based Cayman Islands Watersports Operators Association. They publish diving rules to be applied in the Cayman Islands, in addition to the rules certifying agencies impose on their members and affiliated resorts.

CIWOA has adopted the following guidelines in regard to scuba:

* The maximum depth for recreational diving in the Cayman Islands is 110 ft.;
* All divers are to adopt the "look but don't touch" attitude towards the marine life;
* Absolute respect shall be given to the Marine Parks rules.

At Paradise Divers, we support these guidelines and enforce them at all times, for the good of all our divers and the reef itself. We furthermore do not accept any decompression diving under any circumstances, nor do we accept solo diving. 

We believe that our sport is a beautiful one and do not want the reef to be destroyed by our activities.
We think that tourism doesn't necessarily have to be a self-destructing entity.
We strive to find a balance between our needs as divers and the needs of our fragile marine environment.
The reef will always be given priority.
We do not tolerate poor diving practices and the lack of buoyancy control causing coral destruction.
We wish to educate and encourage our guests, but it remains each diver's own responsibility to ensure that he/she is able to dive without endangering themselves, others, or the reef.

And then there is the issue of personal or group safety. Whether we want it or not,  Scuba diving is a potentially dangerous activity. It requires discipline, proper training, good judgment and above all, respectof the sea and its rules. Pre-dive briefings are crucial instructions given for everybody's safety and as such, should be respected in every way. Even though we enjoy leading dives and encourage divers to follow us, we expect everyone to use the buddy system efficiently even while within a group. 

Our goal is to achieve the best possible customer service level that you have ever seen, combining our friendship with our supervision. We hope you'll agree that divers' safety and the health of our beautiful reefs are worth a little discipline. We look forward to diving with you and sharing our endless love of the sea!


The staff at Paradise Divers    

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