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Enjoy Little Cayman Diving at its Best!

Autumn 2001

A new boat for more flexibility

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of a new dive boat! 

Rest assured that our dear pontoon Havana Daydreaming hasn't reached the end of its careerBanana Wind at Paradise Divers, but we've decided to add the advantages of a more conventional "V-hull" design to our fleet.

She is called Banana Wind. She is a brand new custom-built 35ft. dive boat, equipped with two 225 HP Optimax outboard engines. She will run like the wind, carrying 10 to 15 divers around the island in less than 30 minutes.

Banana Wind will arrive in Little Cayman in December, and will be operating soon after. We are already planning occasional trips to Cayman Brac's Russian Destroyer wreck, weather permitting of course.

We will keep using Havana Daydreaming on calm summer days because of its unsurpassed stability and space. Banana Wind Banana Wind enroute to Little Caymanwill take over on rougher winter days, when it is necessary to go around the island or dive the south side. Its speed will give us the edge over the crowds and we will continue to offer our divers first choice of dive sites.

Be sure to check out our Fall Special, it's the perfect opportunity to come down and try her out!





The staff at Paradise Divers     

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